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Let's put this out there: I don't care for social media. Mark Zuckerberg has both empowered and destroyed the concept of it. That said, here's what I've been up to:

A few thousand calories short on the day? Nothing a visit to 42┬░raw can not fix.

March 17, 2019
Danny Iovane Gudalur, India

It has been about a year.. and perhaps it is time to go back.

I at least can feel the burning need for new experiences, or a life change in some shape or form.

Let's see where the rest of 2019 will lead, and whether I want to change direction.

March 13, 2019

A random cheat meal to accommodate the random need to celebrate where I am today.

A grilled patty with cheese, cauliflower, crispy Batavia lettuce, avocado and hummus - tugged into a toasted sesame bun. Accompanied by an almond milk & banana based recovery smoothie. (obviously both the burgers and the smoothie are fully plant-based)

I often stand still and reflect on where I need to improve. Though today, I'll look back and recognize all the things I have improved.

From skinny and unhealthy, to gaining 20kg, a six-pack, a fixed back, defined obliques, and overall strength and function - all while eating plant-based. From financially tied, to moving towards being financially free. From stress-ridden, to stress resilient. From caffeine/sugar-addicted, to having a constant effortless level of energy.

From a place in life from where I thought I had nowhere to go, to a place in life where the options are abundant. From letting the days run me, to being in full control and running the days. From owning a billion things, to fitting all my belongings into a few bags/cases. From anxiety-filled nights, to an undismayed approach to life.

In the last two years I progressed more than I have in the almost 30 years before that. So, here's to that!

March 9, 2019

Throwback Friday! (...) Here's to the beautiful destinations that keep us sane and drive our friends mad. I still have tons of photos from various trips - and since my cousin keeps posting pictures of beaches and long drinks, and since I'm heading south again soon too - here's a cosy one for ya.

September 14, 2018
Danny Iovane Sri Lanka

Meet Nilame. This picture was taken shortly after my first humbling meeting with this gentle, playful, yet determined soul. His age, height, weight, strength and probably wisdom all well exceeding my own.

Nilame is an elephant in his 40s, who once served tourists by letting them ride him.

What many people fail to understand is what it takes for an elephant to allow people to sit on their back. This is not something they would allow naturally/willingly. Elephants are literally beaten into submission from a very young age, 'trained' to become a tourist attraction. And when I say beaten, think more along the lines of hacked-into with machetes; taught to fear their trainers.

Nilame's safe for now, but his scars reveal his history and his front right foot is yet to be done healing. Many of his kind are still trapped on the abusive side of the tourist industry, and unless we change the demand, this will remain to be so.

Planning on seeing these magnificent animals up close? I fully understand that. But do your research and avoid being part of the problem. "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

June 5, 2018

I could choose to show off and embellish this sunrise-induced safari picture with adventurous talk, but that ain't me.

Over the course of one month I wandered through both India and Sri Lanka. This particular shot is from Yala National Park, in Sri Lanka.

I'll be frank. The safari in Yala National Park is simply outrageous; the entire thing being a gross violation of decency, leaving me with a taste of embarrassment. I would regret having contributed to it, if it wasn't for it having shown me the reality of (safari) tourism.

Why? Unlike those I tried in other places, safaris in Yala National Park are run by private 'companies' and proper regulation is nowhere to be seen. This, for one, results in a tremendous amount of Jeeps racing through the park whenever - for example - there's been a leopard sighting.

I've been on a few safaris now and most of them have not been fully worth the time/effort/money. I much prefer (and recommend) hiring a tracker and meeting the animals on their turf and on their conditions. You will also find that these type of encounters are a lot more valuable and impressive.

So, please, if you have it on your bucket list, reconsider and find another way (or at least another place) to see the wild animals. Do some research and avoid places like this. The last thing you want to do is support this type of business and behaviour, especially since the biggest herd you'll see there is a herd of Jeeps.

May 30, 2018
They see me scrolling